Price Challenge

If our prices aren’t lower than the price of any other web site devoted specifically to selling TABLE PADS and accessories (for the same or similar quality), we will deduct an additional $25 from your already incredibly low table pad price!!

Although there are dozens of table pad web sites, we know of only five companies that actually manufacture custom table pads. We are one of them.

We manufacture pads to protect dining room tables, kitchen tables, buffets/sideboards, coffee tables, conference tables, desks, pool tables, etc. We also make dining room table extender pads to increase seating capacity. Our latest invention is Table Paddies™ - mini-tablepads for casual dining when entire table doesn't need protection.

If you are confused about prices and claims of other sites, one of our customer service reps will happily assist in making comparisons. They will even share with you who our competitors are. No problem - we know we CAN'T BE BEAT!

Our greatest claim to fame is our patented, magnetic locking system (MagnaLoc™.) This is a unique table pad innovation which helps keep sections together and prevents seperation while in use. Unlike any other locking device, MagnaLocs™ are 100% user-friendly, totally hidden and secured beneath the table pad upholstery, making it almost impossible for damage to ever occur to your table surface, unlike other locking devices.

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