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I have been using tablecloths, mats and trivets for years. So far it has worked. Why do I really need a table pad?

You've been lucky! Tablecloths only offer minimal protection, primarily from spills. They do not protect against heat, burns and dents. You know Murphy's Law: "What can happen will happen." Besides, you probably would not even be viewing this unless you had fears that your luck may end. Absolutely nothing can truly protect your beautiful table finish other than a custom-made, bonafide table pad.


Is it really worth the investment?

Only you can answer that. You must know the value of your table. Ask yourself what it would cost to either replace it or refinish it.


Do you have pads in stock?

No. Neither does anyone else. All pads are made to fit your particular table. There are thousands of size and color variations.


How long does it take to get a custom table pad?

From the time you place your order, you can expect delivery within 3 to 5 weeks. If needed sooner, we do have a rush service.


What makes our pads special?

Our pads consist of a solid, lightweight, fiberboard core that is basically unaffected by humidity and will not warp when standing upright. This definitely saves space. Because our pads are lighter than others, they are much easier to handle. They are unquestionably the world's best quality pads.

But our biggest claim-to-fame is our patented, invisible magnetic locking system: MagnaLoc™. It is the only locking system in the country that is 100% user-friendly. There is absolutely nothing you have to do. Simply slide the pad sections together, the magnets do the rest. MagnaLocs™ can last up to 100 years.


As I am ordering by mail or Internet, how do I really know that I am getting a quality table pad?

We make our pads just like they did 50 years ago (just like Grandma had). Many of these pads are still being used today. They are all hand-tailored, have a heavy-duty, washable, leatherette top surface, a cushiony velvet or cotton bottom and fold for easy handling and storage. They are all factory-guaranteed for workmanship. We can even send you a mini-sample. Put your mind at ease. We have been advertising in magazines, newspapers and TV for years. We actually created mail order for table pads almost 20 years ago. Our phone measuring service has proven to be as accurate as if someone came to personally measure for you.


Why Should I Order From You Rather Than Another Website?

Almost all table pad websites are from dealers rather than factories. Most of these are probably dealers who buy from us and resell to you. We would obviously have a price advantage over them. If we're comparing apples to apples, our policy is that we will always match or beat any competitor. We could not make this offer if we were not the manufacturer. There is one other major consideration if not purchasing direct from the factory: Guarantee / Warranty. Any guarantee or warranty you may get from a dealer (rather than the factory) could be worthless if that dealer is no longer in business. On the other hand, our factory has existed for over 20 years and is not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon.


Besides dining room tables, what else can table pads protect?

  • Buffets/Servers/Sideboards
  • Coffee/Cocktail/End Tables
  • Piano Tops
  • Business Conference Tables
  • Dinette Tables
  • Desks


How do I take correct measurements for my table?

Measure the flat table surface to the nearest 1/16" (excluding beveled edge). Give us the number of leaves and each leaf's length.

  • Measure width of table at center split to nearest 1/16" (flat surface only).
  • Important: Do not include bevelled or sloped edges.
  • Best to use metal tape measure.
  • Measure full length of table from end to end directly down center (flat surface only).
  • Important: Make sure extension leaves are removed.
  • Do not include molding or sloped edges.
  • Never use measurements provided by manufacturer (they always include molding or sloped edges).
  • Pattern is necessary unless table has square corners (90 degrees) or is perfectly round.
  • Do not include molding around perimeter or sloped edges.
  • Do not include extension leaves.



What if I am unsure of my measuring or pattern-making ability?

You may not even have to. Most tables fit an identical pattern. Table manufacturers use the same measurements of patterns over and over. We have compiled many thousands of these patterns over the years and have indexed them according to the manufacturer and model number. Knowing this model number (usually underneath your table) enables us to make your table pad fit perfectly, even without exact measurements or a pattern.

If we don't have the pattern number on file, we will walk you through the entire process. There's nothing to it. We can tell by the pattern you send us if there's the possibility of a problem. If so, we will always contact you before we continue.


What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer?

Our warranty is unsurpassed. On our "Best Pad" we will repair or replace any section (or sections) for life, regardless of whether it is a manufacturing issue, an accident or simply abuse. It doesn't matter. Your only obligation is to send it to us and pay for the shipping and handling back to you. On our "Better Pad" it is the same as our "Best Pad" up to 15 years. On our "Good Pad" we warranty it the same as our "Best Pad" up to 5 years.


If I have to take measurements or make a pattern, what if the pad does not fit when it arrives?

We have literally sold hundreds of thousands of table pads by phone over the years. The percentage of those that do not fit is astonishingly low! But we're all human. If we make the error, we guarantee to correct it and remake your pad at absolutely no additional cost. If you give us incorrect measurements on a table that requires no pattern, we can only go by the measurements you give us. We will still remake it at only a fraction of the original cost. If you give us an incorrect pattern, we generally are able to catch it and would always call you back for verification.


I'm afraid to measure my own table. Do you have a free in-home measuring service?

Usually we do. Please visit the "Free Kit" section of our web site and you'll find a form that will help you determine availability in your area.In the event that we do not have a representative in your area, simply call us and any one of our service reps will gladly walk you through the entire process over the phone. You will be amazed at how easy it is.


How much are shipping charges?

For simplification, we charge a flat fee based on averages, regardless of location (continental US only). The only exception would be for exceptionally huge tables (conference size).

Currently shipping and handling for a table pad and extension leaves is $30


I would like to know if I can order one of your table pads from another country and, if so, what the shipping costs would be?

Shipping charges vary according to the size of the pad you are ordering. We estimate the weight and check the U.S. postal website for international rates. There are various prices available and there is a correlation between your cost and how quickly you want it delivered. Any taxes, duties, or tariffs remain the responsibility of the client. 

What is your return policy?

As in any custom made product, we do not exchange or give refunds. There is no resale value. If you have a problem with the tablepad you ordered - such as manufacturing defects, damage, etc., you must contact us within 30 days at 1-800-737-3150. We will be more than happy to assist you with your table pad concerns. This will be done on a case-by-case basis. We do, however guarantee to make it right if we made an error or if there is any shipping damage.