About The Founder:

My name is David Berger, residing in Indianapolis, Indiana for over 30 years. I first got into the tablepad business in 1981 on a part time basis as a manufacturer's rep for another existing tablepad factory. At that time there were only about 4 major factories in the U.S. Today there are maybe five, Bergers being the newest.

As a manufacturer's rep., my sole job was to advertise in the local newspaper, get leads, make appointments to measure and submit all orders to the factory. I was so busy, I eventually quit my other job to go into table pads on a full time basis. But even then I had trouble keeping up with the demand. Hiring other people to do what I did was not the solution. The profit margin was too small. If only I could replicate myself without hiring others. That left only one possible solution: Mail-order. Let the customer pattern and measure their table.

After only six months of making personal in-home calls, I came up with a workable and profitable mail-order method. But I didn't limit my mail-order to just my local area. I took it nationally, primarily by advertising in national decorator/gardening types of magazines, utilizing toll-free 800 numbers. Soon that became overwhelming for a one person operation. I moved out of my basement, rented office space, setup a bank of phones and hired phone reps. This was the beginning of the country's first table mail-order company. Business was great!

If this sounds like a "rags to riches" story, it isn't. I was now facing my biggest challenge of all. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the other tablepad factories would replicate my system. Once that would happen, I would be doomed. Remember, I was still getting my table pads from another factory. There would be no way for me to financially compete against the other factories.

My goal was to figure out how to make table pads. I found a retired gentleman in St. Louis who made them for years out of his garage. I brought him to Indianapolis for about 4 days. He helped me find the proper space I needed, the proper equipment and everything else I could possibly think of. Whatever he suggested, I did. Six months later I was ready to start, at least I thought so. 

I was not able to produce my first tablepad (at least to my satisfaction) until another 6 months had passed. What had seemed to be a very easy process became more like a nightmare. To get it right was absolutely unbelievable. In retrospect, I never would have made this decision had I known what I was in for. But, as the saying goes: "All is well that ends well." It ended well. I became the only other tablepad factory since the 1930's. I later learned that maybe 6 or so others had tried over the years, but unfortunately failed. I've now been successfully manufacturing table pads for about 25 years.